Aegean Homes your web description el-el Copyright 2018 Beautiful House with a scent of Modern Cycladic Architecture
The typical white colour of the walls with the light blue window frames,… ]]>
Οικόπεδο στον Μέγα Γιαλό 2018-10-03 Αγροτεμάχιο για καλλιέργεια στη Βάρη 2018-10-03 Detached house in Mega Gialo 2018-08-29 Lot in Poseidonia 2018-08-29 Beautiful Villa in Kini 2018-08-28 First floor apartment in Azolimnos. A beautiful house built in Azolimnos (a seaside area of Syros) with unlimited view of the Aegean Sea and the beautiful village.

The house has a living room with certified… ]]> 2018-08-22 Beachfront Luxury Villa Thalassa Villa Thalassa is an ultra modern ground floor villa, with open spaces, facing an amazing and undisturbed sea view. Walk exactly 100 meters down to Kokkina Beach, a public but secluded sandy beach… ]]> 2018-08-17 Traditional house in Ano Manna. 2018-08-08